Facilities Rental

Facilities Rental

The Innovation Den works in conjunction with Innovation Collective to host various events that are open to the public or ticketed events throughout the year. From time-to-time, we will partner with those who want to rent the facility.
If you would like to be considered for renting a portion of the facility for an event, you can apply by emailing our Facilities Director, Doug Smoot: doug@innovationden.co
Here are the rates and minimums for renting various areas:

Large Meeting Area (with screen)

This area is the largest in the facility and will seat 225 comfortably.

Rate: $100/hour

Minimum: 5 Hours

Conference Rooms


There is 1 large conference room (seats 10-12) and 2 half-size conference rooms (seats 4-5).

Rate: $50/hour

Minimum: 2 Hours

The Lair

Rental of The Lair is restricted to those who are active members of The Lair. Use of the Cigar Lounge is included in the rental rates listed below. The Lair will accommodate up to 100 people.

Rate: $100/hour

Minimum: 4 Hours